Gittal Me Acchya

Name: Gittal Me Acchya (As The Grain Rises)


The individuality and brilliance of any ethnic group depends on the preservation of the traditions and values ​​of the historical culture. Mandi (Garo) is one of the most primitive natives living in Bangladesh and according to statistics the number of these people here in Bangladesh is approximately 200,000. The primal religion of Mandi people is called Sansarek, but the followers of Sansarek belief may no longer being found in the near future.

Now a days, over ninety-five percent of Mandi’s have converted to Christianity, they don’t have any written language and scriptures. The central character of this film is Janik Nokrek, who is about 115 years old. He was born in the undivided state of Tripura (India), though lived in Chunia village of Madhupur under the Tangail district since childhood. He is the living legend of the Mandi people, because he is one of the few survivors who is a practitioner of primitive religion Sansarek. Consequently, people use to come to him to know more about ancient culture.Till this age he has been clinging to religious worship, rituals and culture even in all obstacles. But the crucial point is; after him, if the torch will not pass to profound one that could be the cause of abolishes this religion.

The association of nature with the religious culture and belief of the Mandi people is much correlated. This is why Janik Nokrek portrays this theme in simple words, ‘The People by the grain, the grain by the people’.

This film is not a reflection of the entire life of Janik Nokrek; but is a humble attempt to reveal the rich past of the Mandi people through his vast life-experience. His vivid grip with the decaying present points us to a re-born.

Genre: Documentary
Duration: 36 min
Release Date: 08 Sep 2020
Presented By: Chitrobhasha
Premiered By: The Tommy Flowers Pub
Concept, Direction : Asma Beethe
Editing: Pankaj Chowdhury Rony