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Tempo of Tang No: A Khumi Societal Custom

We were approaching towards Tindu Bazar from Thanchi. Our destination is Pou Para and was invited to attend a wedding ceremony of Khumi Tribe. Like other indigenous group of Chittagong Hill Tracts, the Khumi’s also have diversified rituals on both social and cultural settings.  Their wedding ceremony is one of the most significant among them. And we were fortunate that we managed such event as The Khumi’s are the most extinct tribe among 11 indigenous group of CHT.

On the ceremony location we observed the aborigine rituals of Khumis. As per Khumi’s wedding customs, inter caste wedding is strictly prohibited. The groom will present Silver Coin, Chicken and Spears to the bride as dowry. Though silver coin and spear are declared banned as illegal now; but instead of that stuff, cash currencies are allowed and abide by Bomang circle constitution.  On wedding day Invited guests attended wearing the traditional dress Nena (for women’s; kind of Sari) ornamented by colorful beads and Lungi (for man). Young folks celebrate the wedding by performing traditional dance ‘Tang No’. Guests are entertained by pork and rice wine.